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Subject: Change of Country
  Hai There,

I applied to immigration under skill migration from Dubai to CIC London, I recv my file number in Oct 2004: Have not heard anything from them yet, but now I moved back to India, incase if I get the interview wavier, can I operate my file from Dubai only while staying in India....I mean can i give my medicals & further things while staying in India only....

Do let me know if you know the information

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Are u from Karnataka / Bangalore?? I am surprised that you have not recd. IA as yet. Most of my friends from Dec.04 got their IA in May.05 - all of them were asked to submit IELTS scores.They have now finished medicals & applied for Police Clearances.Who is your consultant & what is their advice? I have also applied from Dxb. with AOR of Aug.05.Do u have a cell no. I can call?
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Are you sure your friends got IA from London just after 5 months???? (Dec: 2004 to May 2005). Did they apply under SW category? I think you better check it again.
What I have gathered from various posts that London is processing application submitted during second quarter of 2004.
According to your AOR you should expect IA after 36 months (recent processing time posted by CUC London for SW Category)


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My sincere apologies scientist - they all applied in Dec.03 and the AORs were in the 1st Qtr.04. IELTS scores requested in May 05.
My AOR of Aug 05 indeed says 36 months but the consultant is trying to assure that it will be earlier, the logic being that even Jun 05 AORS read 24 months.It seems a quantum leap of 1 year within 2 months of AOR!! Any comments from you will be much appreciated.
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