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Subject: Finaly!!!!
  OK this is it guys!!I got my passport stamped and process is finished. I can finaly land!! I am really happy and i wish you get it soon too!

I was in Can applicant(student) to Buffalo as SW

appl oct 2004
AOR dec 2004
IA Nov 2005
medical Dec 2005
PPR Jan 16
PP to buffalo Jan 19
recieved PP Jan 30

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congrats!! that was fast. and you were complaining all this time, lol!! i just got my IA and have to proceed with medicals; interview waived. hopefully i can land within the next 11 months.

what is your field??

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karajito when did u apply exact date in oct 2004?? i applied in oct 2004 (like 29th of oct 2004) got aor in feb 14 2005, got IA in nov 15 2005, medicals sent dec 23, i dont have my PPR request yet im concerned here karajito pls give me ur email i will email u...also..after u sent in ur medicals?? did ur ecase status update or show any changes?? after ur medicals were received did ur ecase status change? if so when?? also pls tell me exact date you got your IA??? did they ask any docs with IA?? pls give me all concerned...thanks a lot..ur email will be great...
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congrats! that was very fast!
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degen my field is BBA focused on International trade

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Could say nothing but FAST!
I did my medical in Nov 2005 and still waiting for PPR....forever!

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Congrats Mate!!!
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