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Subject: Open Work Permit after IA
Hi , Iam currently working in Canada on a work permit .., wanted to find out if we can apply for an open work permit after we get an IA from CIC Buffalo or do I have to wait for PR before I can change employers..

PS. I have my application in Buffalo under the arranged employment opnion category .. , and I heard that the process is a lot faster(within 12 mths)..

AOR: Aug 15th 2005
IELTS : Sept 2005
IA ??

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It´s not really faster. I applied in Nov 04 and all I have received so far is my IELTS request. I have arranged employment as well. Sucks to be me :(
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i have been worked since summer 2004 period! same stage with candice
departure bay
TO Candice & Departure Bay (in reply to: Open Work Permit after IA)

Hi Guys, According to my Lawyer(Campbell Cohen), CIC Buffalo is obligated to process arranged employment applications faster as the job offer is valid for only 1 year and it doesnt make sense for the employer to wait too long..

Did u guys order ur caips Notes ..??

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because we are post-secondary graduated work permit, therefore employer doesn´t have to wait at all, because we are currently working over there until work permit expired, that´s maybe why CIC doesn´t give shit to us.
departure bay
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DB is right. I applied for IMM in Oct 2004, then PG work permit in Nov and got WP in Dec 2004. My WP expired in Dec 2005 and still waiting for PPR. CIC does not give any shit to those who are on arranged job!!!


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