Is the PPR season over?

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Subject: Is the PPR season over?
  I wonder what exactly is the idea in the consulate,probably

(Jan 1-jan 16)- send (n) ppr´s

(Jan 17-Jan 31)- Lets stop n let the applicants bang their heads against the walls and email/fax us some interesting queries expressing their worries, then

(Jan 17-Jan 31)-lets give them some hope by replying with some computer generated positive messages, so they can start guessing and hoping that the mail would come today.lets make the process a li´l more miserable by giving just 10 PPr´s next week.

Just Kidding folks but this is what I can sketch by their PPR issuing practices,I mean there were so few PP(I saw just One) requests from past 15 days in any forum.

I wonder what´s going with mountains,sww,....,and many more In canada applicants who completed their medicals and sent the documents like 7-8 months ago?.

Keep updating guys as we in this forum need more information from you than some computer generated info(which generate more ambiguity).

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Well said
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I think they are just overloaded with stamping the passports. :)

For all those who are still waiting in line, don´t lose the hope! Good luck!

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Well said sunny this is exactly how i feel
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Nobody knows their modus operandi. My friend sent his PP on January 17th and got it back yesterday. He got PPR on January 16th.
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