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Subject: back ground check
for the background check do they check to find out an applicant marital status. for example i was maried and got divorced after i apply. do they go through that to see if i am still maried. thank you!
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cic could check everything. If there´s anything unclear, an interview will be scheduled.
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First of all they (CIC) do not pay that much attention to m.s. to go and check that,

they are looking more into your work/school/criminal stuff not your family history

Plus if you are in US, with the paper that you signed, US gove will not release any info...I know this, maybe private companies but not the state and fed gov...

Do not worry, be happy

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Well why do you want to hide the information? It is best to update CIC with any major events in your life, like marriage, birth of child, divorce, change of address, change of job etc.

CIC does not impose people not to decide on divorce so why risk it by hiding it.


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