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  Dear All

Today finally I got my PPR.
they asked me to filled the attached form, 2 photographs, RPRF, and orignal passports.

I applied for myself, wife, and my 21 months old child,

my question is
1) I am from pakistan and my wife and baby carried indian passport. I applied from Islamabad Pakistan, and we live in UAE since 2002. they clearly mentioned that dont deliver passport overseas after stamping, and being a resident of UAE how can I send orignal passport(Indian+pakistan) by courier.

2) As per letter there is no clause for personal visit, is there any privilage to visit personaly and get stamped my passports.

kindly advice


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Sending my mail is at risk. And if you do it from UAE, they will not do it from there to you. The only way is either you travel personally or send the passports with friends both ways.

I have done the same by sending it with freinds both ways to Egypt and back from UAE.

Good Luck


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There are two ways either you go personally and get the passports stamped and another way is Abu Dhabi embassy,though this might delayd the procedure for 2, to 4 weeks but u can get the passport stamped,I think for this you need to send a request to CIC London,
recently I have read on the same froum some one got their passports stamped from Abu dhabi.
Good luck

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I am also willing to go personally but on the website they mentioned that passport recieved and deliver by courier only.

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If I visit pakistan and then send passport through Fedex so how much time CIC take to stamped passport????
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