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Subject: Processing Time in Hong Kong
  I have submitted my skilled worker application in late April 2005 in Hong Kong and received a confirmation letter from CIC in late May 2005. I have heard that the process would take only 6 months.

Is there anyone submitted applications in Hong Kong recently? I appreciate if you can share your situation.

My background:
I studied high school and university in Canada and came back to HK to work for 2+ years.

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My case is quite similar to yours; studied and worked in canada for the past couple of years. I also submitted my application under the same class to HK in Sept 2005 and got AOR in late Oct 2005. Heard nothing since then. From what i know before i decided to send it to HK rather than buffalo, from AOR to AI should only take around 6 months or some cases less. Let´s hope it´ll arrive soon.
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