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Subject: Passport Return ?
  Hello Guys,
Is anybody´s passport returned from Buffalo with VISA stamping ?
My passport reached on Jan. 19, but still I can´t see my return tracking no on Canada post ?
I am going to FAX Buffalo because I might need to leave country for a week anytime !!

I am in Canada(Ontario) applicant, Any of your idea/suggestion would be appreciated.


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I´m in the same situation. My passport reached Buffalo on Jan 19 as well.

Please let us know if they reply you fax.

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Got my passport back yesterday afternoon. It reached Buffalo on Jan 19.
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Hello Anonymous, can you tell me that in how many days your PPR letter reached Ontario after they sent to you. Mine is sent on Jan 24th, and i havent received any thing yet. Do they send through regular mail or through diplomatic bag to Canada and then use local mailing services? In your case i beleive you will be receiving your passports back very soon. Just send them a nice mail and ask them an update about visa stamping.
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Hi FastGuy:

Are you in Canada? Was your Canada Post status updated?

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Iam also in same situation.Iam an in-canada applicant. I would recommend you guys to post this message on forum, where there is a thread called passport return from buffalo-USPS alert.There are lot of in-canada applicants in that situation from in-canada.Hope it helps.
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I am in New York City. My USPS tracking number was updated and then Express Mail came in. It was yesterday.

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I am an applicant from the US.

PPR received: Jan 05, 2006.
PP sent to Buffalo: Jan 31st (was out of country)
PP reached Buffalo: Feb 1
PP return status: still waiting!

-- Manish

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