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I am from Baghdad and am thinking of applying as a SW to go to Canada with my wife. Life here is too hard, daily bombings outside your apartment is no fun. What should I do next? How to apply?

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well....have no idea which closest visa post is responsible for taking applications from Iraqi applicants. Like Pakistan is responsible to accept immigration applications from Afghani applicants. You need to find out the nearest visa post where u could apply and travel if an interview is required later on.
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You will have to submit your application to Damascus. The average processing time from Damascus is 54 to 63 months.

If you are interested please visit the following link to get an idea about immigrating to Canada as a Skilled Worker. Take the self assessment test to determine if you qualify as a Skilled worker.

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damascus office is the slowest office and it takes more than five years for your applicaiton to be finished so I would not consider it if your looking for away to escape the situation in Iraq.
your other choices seem to be either PNP (if you qualify) or Quebec immigration (if you qualify) why not considering immigration to other countries?

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hey i think you can apply from Iran thats the nearest, sorry just kidding i think saudi arabia would be a good choice for you

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