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  Hi Steve...

Are you still in the US? Your interview was in Detroit so I figured you would still be in the US. The mailing of PPR should not take more than a week. My PPR had a mail date of Jan 13 and I got it Jan 17 only because Jan 16 was a holiday. I think you can wait for another week then a polite query is necessary because they might have sent it out but got lost somewhere, better know it immediately. When you email them, reply from their email where they mentioned about mailing the PPR.

good luck Steve. :)

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Joe, Thanks for your e-mail my friend. I am in USA but my lawyer is from Toronto and they sent the letter to him because all the written correspondence was made through him at his mailing address. Thats why i have been asking different people if they know how long does it take to reach the letter to Toronto from Detroit. Do they send it you through regular mail? I beleive it should be with my lawyer by now because it does not take more than a week to reach canada as well. Anyways i will let u know as soon as i receive any information from my Lawyer. thanks for your message. Do share your experience of visa stamping, how did it go. Thanks
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Oh that´s probably why there´s a little delay because Detroit will mail it in Toronto...don´t worry it´s just a matter of hours now :)

We mailed our passports last Jan 19, reached Detroit Jan 20 and still waiting. The PPR was a regular mail, in fact I did not get the gray envelope I read about in Buffalo PPRs. In the meantime, be ready with your photos, they asked for 4 pieces per Buffalo I think it´s only 3 per person....

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