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Subject: work permit
I´m looking for a contact number where i can talk to a real person about getting a work permit
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called the number you gave me and talked to a real person so let the journey begin i guess you can say
Can I work? (in reply to: work permit)
Hi, I have submitted the paperwork for residency here in Canada, I married here in Ajax back in 2001, I have a client number from the case processing centre, my question is, can I legally work here? When I first submitted my application it stated that I was not allowed to work here legally. Since then, I was informed that there are ways available to me so that I may legally work here. I am a certified computer technician, I have a wife and two kids. I´d really like to be able to get back to work again. Thank you for your time and consideration.
permis de travail (in reply to: work permit)
je suis Mourad AZZOUZ ,j habite a calgary ,j ai envoye une demande de permis de travail au bureau de vegreville ou elle est arrive le 14 avril 2009 ,je veux bien savoir l etat de ma demande ,je sais pas comment surtout qu j arrive pas a appeller le numero 18002422100

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