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Subject: To Steve!
  Hey there Steve, congratulations on your PPR! I´ve been following your process since before your interview.

I wanted to ask you a question: Before your interview were you requested to have your medicals done or did you go and take them without a request?

I don´t want to wait until after my interview to take the medicals, well if we pass the interview, and I would like to speed things up just in case. But I´ve been told that I need to get the medical forms from the CIC first and I can´t take the medicals without them.

Thanks a lot for your reply and congratulations!

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Thanks for your message ME. Actually you cant go for medicals unles until they ask you to do so. They will also send you the Medical forms but you should hold on to them and wait till the time you receive your interview call. Because the validity of your medicals will be one year and they send you the forms long before they ask for interview. Therefore i would not suggest to go for medicals before you know the exact date of your interview. You will always be notified for an interview two months before the interview date they allocate for you so you will have ample time to do your medicals. And you know what it does not take really long to reach the results to Visa Post after the medicals. I did my medicals in the end of August and my interview was in the mid of October. During my interview i found out that they have already received my medicals so dont worry about delays and stuff. Wait for the medical forms to come and then wait for the interview call. As soon as you are notified for an interview and go ahead and do your medicals the very next day if possible. GOOD LUCK AND KEEP YOUR HOPES ALIVE....
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Thanks a lot for you reply Steve, we really appreciate the comments from someone that really knows about this process with interview.

I wish you the best luck with your new life in Canada!

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