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Subject: Request CAIPS in Hong Kong
  Hi all, I applied in Apr 2005 under Skilled Worker Category. Just found that CAIPS can be used to get the currect status of my application. I would like to know how can I request CAIPS, and have a few questions :

1. What forms do I need to fill in and what is the procedures? If I request in Hong Kong, will it be different?

2. I understand only "Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, or a person present in Canada" can make a request. I have a friend in Hong Kong who is a Canadian Citizens, is it possible that my friend help me to request a CAIPS on my application?

3. If I request a CAIPS, will it delay my application processing time?

Greatly appreciate for all your advise!!!


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Hi Eric,

If you have not received your initial assessment(IA) as yet then it will be completely useless to apply for CAIPS notes.

Wait till you get the IA and order the CAIPS notes ONLY if you have been called for an interview.

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Hi eric,

1. visit and you will find the complete procedure and the forms to use....their fee is US$30. You can request it yourself.

2. If you are inside canada or have a citizen friend in Canada I believe you can apply there and the fee is less than $30 but I am not well versed with this in-canada procedure.

If you don´t mind spending US$30 then just visit the website I mentioned.

3. It does not seem to delay processing.

Please note though that if you have not received your IA yet, it is not very ideal to request Caips notes at this stage.

good luck

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Thx guys, I guess I should wait. =>
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