To Steve, and others who have PPR

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Subject: To Steve, and others who have PPR
  Congratulations, Steve - good luck!!!

Does anyone know if LA has same-day stamping of visas? If all is in order, how long do they make you wait after the interview? I need to make hotel bookings for the duration in LA, and wd like to know how long we may be expected to hang around for the passports to be stamped. A couple of days? A week? Also need to book return flt tkts.


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Thank you SP....To be honest with you, i have no idea if what is the procedure in LA but you will know once you receive the PPR because they provide all the instructions in that letter. Like in my letter even if i go in person it will take 10 days to get my passport back. In detroit there is no same day visa stamping. Therefore i changed my mind and decided to send through FEDEX in stead of going in person. You may do the same if there is no same day visa stamp service. Good Luck
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Thanks for replying, Steve. I´m sure Canada will prove worth the wait. Enjoy planning the move!
However, I think I didn´t make myself clear enough. We still have to go for the interview. It´s in April, and all documents are in place, except the medicals which we did at the end of Dec. I heard that if there is nothing more to be done then same day stamping is possible. Would just like to know if anyone has actually had this done, or what the current procedure is, so I can do some forward planning. We live in India, and plan to work a holiday schedule around this interview.

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