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Subject: PPR and landing in Buffalo - same day
  I received my passport request this week and am planning to drive to Buffalo with a rented car and get my VISA stamp. On my re-entry to Canada via the bridge can I now officially land i.e. will CIC Buffalo give me all the paperwork required for landing.

What information should I take with me other than passport, proof of funds and paperwork from CIC Buffalo at point of entry to show to immigration officer?

How long does it normally take for the PR card to arrive since I am planning to travel to US next month and is it possible to travel withing Canada (by air) without a PR card but with a passport?


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Make Sure you carry:

1) Your Passport with Visa.
2) Paper-work given to you by CIC.
3) Proof of funds.
4) Copies of documents you had submitted with the application (you may not need them, but just in case).
5) List of goods to follow (If you will carry any goods of value on your later trip). It may sound trivial now, but goods are expensive in Canada compared to the US. And if you do have them and can drive them later (like TV, Laptop, High End Systems etc); then you should document and take the list.
6) Some Passport Size Photos
7) Your U.S. Drivers Licence or ID
8) Visa or a MC Credit-Card. Discover is not usually accepted in Canadian stores I have observed.
9) Some Cash in Canadian Currency
10) If possible the forms for Bank AC; SSN; filled out (Check if you can get these online. Fill them before you leave to save time).

Best of Luck!

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Thanks Ash,

I have been living & working in Canada for the poast few years so have most of the items other than a US Driving Licence - this is not required for driving in US - can I use my international permit?


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Yes, you can depending upon the US state you are driving in. Check with your car-rental company they should know if NY state allows for international driver´s permit or Canadian driver´s licence.


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Do we really need to carry copies of application documents when we land? Anyone has comments on this?
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Items 1 thru 3 as well as #5 are required. Be sure that for #5 you have two copies of each list with the total amount in CAD. There might be 2 different lists of goods - stuff with you and stuff you bring to Canada later.

The rest of the stuff Ash mentioned in his/her post is up to you.

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