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Subject: Point for english proficiency
  Hello Friends,

I applied for immigration without IELTS. They send me a letter advising IELTS. The language of the letter is:

"The document you have provided does not support the level of proficiency you indicated. you are advising to go for IELTS. If you dont send us the score by four months we will assess your English proficiency on the basis of document provided."

In my application I have claimed high proficiency in english (e.g. 16).I have done one year Masters in Canada and now doing Ph.d (2nd year)in a Canadian University. In both universities I worked as a TA/RA.I also got good grade in my program.
I send them letter from dean, my professor,(they explicitely mention my high english proficiency in all sections) Explanation of my TA/RA job. and also RA contract paper.and TOEFL Score.
On the basis of my education and work experiences how many points I may expect from them?
Please help me in this regard.
Thank you very much.

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That totally depends on the immigration officer who will go over your file. But since they´ve asked for IELTS, its unlikely that you will get full 16 points if you dont take the test. I would say your point would range between 8 and 14. But its mighty stupid of them to ask for IELTS from you. What can you say. The whole immigration system is messed up...
Peter Griffin
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Nearly every non-native speaker is getting IELTS request.
I submitted my application with covering letter too. However, after reading various posts on this and other forums and suggestions from other posters, I realized that I might need IELTS score to support my application. Therefore, despite having all the degrees from English medium schools and published articles in international journals I just wanted to be safe and I wrote the test.
Once you get IELTS request it delays your application for at least 3 months. Like in your case they have given you 4 months to submit the score. Your file will not be processed any further until you submit your score.
If you have been studying in English medium schools, trust me you wont experience any problem in getting enough score for full points.
At this stage you don?t have any other options but to write the test. Practice some sample test to get familiarized with the test format. Just go for it and submit the score as directed by the CIC.

About points, you will get full 25 points for your education.
Experience points depend on number of year you have been working as full time. You need one year full time continuous work in your specialty to qualify for PR. Unlike Europe research assistants work less than 37 hours, so your two years work will be equal to 1 year. Count your work experience accordingly and calculate your points.

Hope this helps
Good luck

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Unlike Europe research assistants work less than 37 hours, in USA and Canada

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If you can afford to be assessed fewer than 16 points for language, then you may want to take the risk, but as Scientist has said, your file will be on hold until you provide the results or the submission deadline has passed.

I understand that our forum posts are information and often done quickly... but I have noted several grammatical mistakes in your post. If CIC noted similar types of errors in your submission documents they may feel that tests are required- especially when you are expecting full points for language.

I know the request seems outrageous... but there is more and more demand by Canadian employers for higher fluency standards in language. It does not matter how smart you are or what your field of expertise - If you cannot write a cohesive and cohearant letter or email in one of the official languages of Canada (depending on where you choose to settle)... or you cannot conduct a meeting or phone call comfortably - your value to a potential employer is drastically reduced.

If I can give everyone any advice on this subject - while you wait your turn for PR... practice, practice, practice your language skills. 8- 12 points might be enough to get you into the country but it will not be enough to get you a successful career.

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Well...it is totally insane to ask IELETS with such background but we have no controll over them....You should have submitted the letters from from your university professors commenting on your english profieciency......and i think u did not submitt any of such supporting document.......BIG MISTAKE.......anyways now u dont have any choice but to go for ielets......since they have asked for it.....good luck
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I am telling you based on my own personal experience .......i did not do IELETS but i asked all of my teachers to comment on english proficiency....the provided me their written comments on university letter head with their business cards and i attached them with my appliaction and beleive me i am never asked about IELETS....not even during the interview.......one must comeplete all the documents before submitting the appliaction because one mistake can cause lots of delay in the process....anyways u can still do this and if they still dont accept it ....then get ready for IELETS....good luck
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As someone mentioned earlier in this thread, if you come from a country where English is not widely spoken, then the chances are you´ll be asked to do the IELTS regardless of your experience and education. I never ever would have thought that Id get an IELTS request but I did and it is delaying things by more than 3 months because I couldn´t get an early test date. I speak English just as well as any Canadian-born individual, studied in Canada for 4 years and worked in an industry where fluent English skills are a must. I am confident of my English proficiency skills but no matter how much proof I provided it did not seem to be enough to exempt me from doing the test. They see "India" on my application and it´s enough to give them doubts. So my advice to everyone debating over whethere to do the test or not is - DO IT! Besides, if you can prove your English skills you are more likely NOT to be called for an interview.
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take ielts, no matter what. CIC people can not juedge from your written evidence, only socres.

guys, i even have reference letter from current Pronvincial Liberal Transportation Minister, cic doesn´t give a fuck!

departure bay
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Well Hossen this seems a bit strange, becasue I am in similar situation, did my BA in another country ( not English speaking country) then had a diploma from Cambridge University (UK) then had masters in Australia, I just sent them the transcripts of all my studies, diplomas, work experience, etc and they accepted all my proof and they never asked me to do IELTS, ..even they have finalised my case and wanted to issue visa but for some personal projects I want to land in September and they just asked me to do my medical again...and probably they will issue my visa after May...
However, since they have asked you to take the ILETS it is not worth trying to persuade them, and considering your situation (did masters, doing phd in Canada) IELTS must be just a piece of cake for you, so do not waste your time trying to persuade them just sit in the exam and make them happy...

Good luck

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