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Subject: landed immigrant
  i came to canada with my dad in 1958,he is now dead i dont have any papers,have worked full time since 1960,got into trouble in my younger days and a criminal record,last offence was in 1967.i am married with 3 grown children all canadian,what are the chances i could get canadian citizenship or do i take a chance icould get deported for my criminal record.john
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OH MAN......u have spent all your life in Canada......why is that now you are planning to citizenship.....anyways i would advice you get consultation from some brilliant lawyer......this forum is mostly for people who apply as a skilled worker and other related categories.....your case is very different to get a relaible advice from this forum......Good Luck
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Hi There,

Well mate I would not suggest you seeing a lawyer, please do not spend your money on a lawyer before getting enough information from the CIC site, this is the address please read the information provided there I am sure you would go under a section there,

This is the site to go and search

Personally I do not think you will have a lot of trouble in getting citizenship since you got your education there,married, had kids and have been living there for such al ong time ...
Good luck

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