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Subject: Calgary versus Vancouver
  Hi everyone!
Can someone who actually knows both cities compare the two as far as living conditions and overall looks and feel of both? How about the job market (IT sector expecially)? What about the fun factor, like places to go out after work, places to just chill and do nothing in your spare time? Stuff like that...
Please, anyone who has any ACTUAL experience (not the stuff you can read on the net or books.. I can do that too, lol)
Thanks :-)

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Calgary has a cheaper cost of living, is smaller, more conservative, and is economically booming. The city is big enough to support good arts and entertainment. Hockey and skiing are huge in Calary.

Vancouver is more of an international city. It is in a physical setting that rivals anything around the world in terms of beauty. It is expensive to live here but some would say it is worth it.

In terms of job opportunities... IT is a huge industry. It would depend what area you are looking at. I can´t really comment on that one. I am hoping the answer would be Vancouver because my guy is coming with IT credentials.

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Hey Cool25

As sharon said vancouver is a huge city, many immigrants are living there and especially chinese community, ..This is really a bit international city and I guess the bigger a place is the more the job opportunities are but expenses are really high, better look for a place a bit far from the city center but which has got better transportation links, ..anyway I am coming over to Vancouver so who knows meet you there...

Good Luck

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Depending on how much you worry about things you might want to read about the possibilty of a Cascadia fault megathrust quake.

Sorry, but I watched a documentary on this recently.

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Just got back from looking Calgary over. It is a middling city, like Denver.

But the cost of housing (if you plan to buy) is skyrocketing. Only 1,000 listings in a city of almost a million.

It also seems a bit redneck.

So I am going to scout out the West coast--which I had overruled on the basis of cost. But maybe I can find an affordable suburb with a good quality of living.

I am interested in what other people have to say as well.

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