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  hello to every one
i wanna ask every one there
i had applied for skilled worker in canada fedral since june 2002 from new delhi chc but till now nothing has come for me

i was lucky to meet in a small press confrence to Honurable Micheal de Jong labour minister in bc.
same thing i asked him about my frustrated situation . he asked me that i should send him more details about my case . he asured that he look in to the matter.
is it some help full or his promise is also like our indian politicians.

shall i send him my details like file no. and all or not
i hope there is no problem of security of my file no.
sharon plz look in my case what i should do
thanking u in advance

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what kind of minister? if he´s one of the immigration officer, perhaps you should send it and if you scare to send it, please tell us his info
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