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Subject: Medical Examination - questions
  I?m going to do my medical examination this Friday, and maybe somebody can share with me some experience about this, some suggestion what I should take with me.
And one more, I think I am pretty healthy girl, I never had serious illnesses, but you never know, and then what happened if during my meds the doctor will find out that something is wrong, how I can be sure that everything is ok.

My timeline
In-state ?Buffalo -SW
Applied: Dec. 2004
AOR: March 2005
File transferred to NY: Jan 2006
IA ? Jan. 2006
Med. ? Jan 2006

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Ottawa will investigate your medical exam results.
there is nothing much you can do about it.

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Exam is pretty cursory. Get a good night´s sleep and don´t have any coffee before you go in in the morning. They really don´t check too much. I am sure it will all turn out okay.
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its vefy basic physical exam, x-ray and blood tests took 10 minutes for me, just relax.
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Hey Kasha,
I have the exactlt same timeline as yours,and I have just completed my medical exam today. Here is what happened in the medical center:
a. doctor asked you a few questions regarding your medical history, measured weight and height, listened your chest etc.
b. blood test and urine test.
c. X-ray
Just as Tim said, it is a pretty cursory test,nothing needs to worry about. Depending on your ME location, you might experience some waiting, but that´s OK. Just read the magazines and relax:)

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Ok, thank you
And one more question.
The resould of my med. will be send to Ottawa, and then how long it will take to send the resoult to NY?
I have 90 days deadline, I hoope I won`t cross this timline.

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I have no idea how long it will take ottawa to process it:( I tried to ask nurse about it, but she couldn´t tell.
If anybody knows, please post it here. Thanks.

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are we allowed to drink or eat before the Med exam? I mean that morning? thanks
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