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Subject: To Kenny !!! Plss Reply
  Hi Kenny,

I also recieved my Visa and I am planning to land in April 06.
Can you please share ur landing experiences.
Did u prepare a Goods to Follow list and a list of good u were carrying.
Also will u be coming back after getting the PR card or before that.

Please advise if its ok to come back after landing and give our friends address for the PR card.

Many Thanks

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Hello Kenny,

Could you please share your expierence and how did it go. If there will be a number where I can talk to you would appreciate it.

What all information / forms did u fill in ?? They did give some SIN card application as well .. Please read my post dated Feb 8, 2006.


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Hi Anonymous,

I took a flight from Newark international airport to Toronto. The flight landed in Toronto at 7 PM. I guess a couple of lights had landed simultaneously so we had to wait 15 minutes to get to the immigration official.

When I reached the immigration official I told him that I have a PR visa and am here to complete the landing procedure. The officer then directed me to a seperate counter.

There was no one in line so I was called immediately. The immigration officer asked me to provide my passport and COPR. He asked me how much money I have with me but he did not check if I have the minimum funds required. I was then asked to provide an address in Canada where they will send my PR card. He then asked me to sign the COPR then stamped it and gave me a copy. He also stamped my passport. Then he asked me to collect my luggage and proceed to customs.

The customs official just looked at the goods to follow list, stamped them and kept one for himself and returned the other one to me. After that he said "Welcome to Canada".

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Hi Jura,

For landing I had prepared goods accompanying and goods to follow list.

I had downloaded the SIN application on-line from the following link.

I am living in Toronto with my friend and applied for the SIN at the nearest HRDC office.

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