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Subject: Visitor's Visa to Canada
  I live in Canada and I would like to invite you my friend who lives in Poland. I would really like her to come over for a visit but I don´t know where to start? Do I need any papers or forms from Canada immigration office or government of Canada? How much does it cost to get the visa or any other expenses? How long does it take for her to come when approved? What are her chances?

I appreciate all your help, 10x.


Ania M
You need a letter from a legal office (in reply to: Visitor's Visa to Canada)
What you need is a letter from travel agency of legal office. You can write such letter yourself but there are some specifications and rules that you need to follow.
I have invited my friend for a wedding but that was three years ago. The invitation rules might have changed since then. You really need to consult who did it recently.

(in reply to: Visitor's Visa to Canada)
Extending Visitor's visa (in reply to: Visitor's Visa to Canada)
I greatly appreciate if any one could suggest or share their experience.

My girlfriend came here on multiple entry visitor´s visa last year(Dec 2005) and her six month visa exprire in mid June.
We got married and I have submitted the sponsorship application already (Outside Canada - South Afirica) as my wife wanted to return to South Africa and come back here again with PR. Now, she would like to extend her stay here for another 6 month and then return to SA.

Now, my questions are :

1. Can she extend her current visitor´s visa(She has multiple entry but she would like to extend with out leaving the country - if that is allowed )? If so, how and where she should apply ?

2. Will she get permission to enter Canada(although she has multiple entry visitor´s visa) since her status(now, married ; when apply, she was single) has been changed ?

3. What will happend if she visit to US and come back here ? Will she get another 6 months to stay here ?

Many thanks for any suggestions or share you experience.


Aravind R
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