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Subject: Job offer without hrsdc
I have job offer without hrsdc, will it help to make case strong or process faster

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I applied in Jan 2001 with a job letter without the HRDC approval and i got IA in April 2005, so obviousely it didnt help.
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Wow, I´m surprised you´re still happy, happyguy! WHY has it taken so long? Is your case that complicated??
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I got an HRSDC approval for my job after I applied for PR. I forwarded the approval to the consulate but it did not speed up anything.

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job offer without HRDC only works when you have work permit, like post-graduated work permit, which authorizes you to work in Canada white you can wait in Canada.
It won´t speed up process.
I have post-graduated work permit and currently is working that job since 2004, I am still waiting for IA, they don´t give a shit how much your income level in Canada.

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