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Subject: early 2007 club
do you guys think that Mar 05/Apr 05 aor applicants will be in the early 2007 club, or is this wishfull thinking?


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I apparently don´t think so. Somebody advised to wait at least until april.
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I was talking about PPR for early 2007, not IA early 2006
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I think IA sometime before August 2006.
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Hi Mircea,
I´m pretty sure that Mar/Apr 2005 AORs will be early 2007 club. Most of the March people are getting their IA´s now after the transfers. It seems to be progressing from the date you applied. After looking at a lost of postings, the IAs seem to be coming about plus or minus 1 month from the date you applied. I applied as federal skilled from from within Canada on March 17th, so I expect my IA at the end of March.



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