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Subject: Frustrated with Canada !!
  Canadian immigration is truly frustrating, I wonder why they take 5 years, I applied at new Delhi in 2001 and still waiting, I don?t what they do with files, I was single then, now I am married & now my 3 yr old daughter started KG school, Now I don?t know even if I get PR I should go or not , I seriously request to immigration dept, either accept or reject the cases in one year but don?t make people wait for 6 years

These people are truly playing around with people of developing nations like India , China etc

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there is 2 ways to do this...right now, CIC lets people line up and take their turn. Canada looks at all the regions of the world and creates a quota. If there were no quota - all Canadian immigration would come from 3 countries - India, Pakistan and China. That is not the policy Canada wishes to follow so those applications that are left over - are carried forward into the next year. There is 4 times as many applications from India as Canada is willing to accept and it takes about 1 year to complete the actual process.

You have a choice - you could get into line and take your turn, or you could rush to apply every January. Once the quota was full you could wait and do the same thing the following year.

Not sure which choice is worse

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And sharon,
How can you forget people from india, china and pakistan applying from buffalo-USA, berlin-germany,uk and middle east.

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Rules are rules and timelines are timelines...all of them are posted on the CIC site. People know what they are getting into when they apply.
Good luck!

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Nothing against Indians, Pakistans or Chinese ... bad dang!!!! i walk around the park every afternoon ... and I see about 7 out of 10 people from these countries ...

Jowsie Texan
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I guess the point is those countries cannot complain that they are being excluded- rather that there is more applicants from India, Pakistan and China than anywhere else in the world- combined. If the wait is so long- it is because the list is so long.
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hey ´Frustrated´!
don´t get Frustrated, even i got interview just before 2 months....i put file in 2000 end.
all the best.

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Remember me, I was the one from Pakistan who has waited more than 98 months, so no need to complain about 5 years...that´s nothing.

Still waiting.

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I don´t want to move to Canada with all south asians/chinese there,even though I am one of them.
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