landing thru Niagra/Buffalo by road

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Subject: landing thru Niagra/Buffalo by road
  Hello Friends,
I plan to land by road on Mar 11th (which is a sat)alongwith importation of car. My questions are:
1.Which bridge /port of entry I should use?
2.I am importing my car and wanted to know what are the steps at the border? Do I have to go to US customs first? Where is it located with respect to the Canadian office? Is it like two buildings - one US authorities and the other Canadian? I know this is a basic question,so pls forgive my ignorance.Thanks.
3.Ant tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Hey Buddy...
US customs are on US side ans Canadian Customs are on Canadian side... You will have to go to the Canadian customs and get the visa validated and thats it you are a Canadian Immigrant...

They will send you the PR card in mail later on...

Where as the deal about your Car... you dont have to go to US Customs.. the people you will be dealing are the Canadians...

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Hi Friend,

For your point of entry, check out this link:

For your car, you need to fax documents (car title) to US customs at least 72 hours before your landing date. On the landing date, you need to go to US customs first and present the original of the documents that you have faxed. If you don´t know which US customs office please call this number 1-888-848-8240. That is the Canada RIV office, they have the listings of US customs office where you need to present your car.

Do you have the recall clearance certificate already?

Please visit for the complete steps on how to import your car.

Please share your landing experience as I will be landing weeks after you.

good luck.

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Hi Joe & Harshal,
This was very helpful.Appreciate it.
Do you know the address of the US customs office near Niagra falls? Is this office on the bridge itself or some place else?
Yes, I did get the recall letter etc.I was a bit confused on the acual sequence of process which will happen at the POE.
Please do let me know.

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If you call that 1888 number above, you will be able to get the number of US customs then you can ask them the address or you can try this link and see if this is the right address:

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