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Subject: Medical Examination and Police Check
  I submitted my application to Buffalo in Feb 2005. In July I was told to take English test and I have not heard anything ever since. My eclient service shows nothing but the date of my application to be processed. I heard some cases that applicants can do ME and PC before they are told to do so as long as he/she has a file number. I wonder if anybody here can help me to confirm this. I am thinking to take ME and PC while I am waiting.
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No you cannot do medicals unless cic tell you too. They will send you section A which you then take with you to the Doctor.

As far as fingerprinting is concerned I kept a track on when people who shared the say timeline as me (i.e. AORs) where getting their IA´s and then I sent my fingerprints to the FBI. I got my IA and fingerprints back from the FBI on the same day.

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