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Subject: Landing

Need information on Landing. My visa expiries in June 06 and planning to land in April 06 from USA, I will be retuning back to USA and move in Dec permanently.
I am planning to drive through Niagara Falls and I have following questions.

1. Can I drive in my car or it is not advisable as I will be returning back to USA in the same car. I have to stay in Canada for 4 to 6 weeks so I will need a car to move around.

2. Also I will not be importing my car this time and will do the same in Dec, so can it be on my goods to follow list, even though I am traveling in the same.

3. I am in USA on H1B which expires end of April 06, and I also have EAD, my green card was applied by the company I work for in USA. Will this create any landing problem?

All help would be appreciated.

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1. Yes, you can use your own car for landing and declare it on the goods to follow list if you intend to bring it to Canada permanently later on.
2. Same as 1 above.
3. I have no clue. Maybe someone else will help you with this point.

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Phaedrus thanks for your input.


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