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  Cheers for teh note!

I am living in the UK. I was just wondering what you did regarding finger prints when you applied to the OZ police force for clearance. I take it you would have to have them taken by the police over here just to verify that they are your fingerprints. Otherwise you could just be sending anyones?

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yes I did send my fingerprints certified by the local police on a special finger printing form. Go to any local police station and explain your situation. Most of the stations got the finger printing forms.
In my case officer filled the form himself (fingerprinting form) and after getting my fingerprints she signed and stamped the form.
I sent all the required documents together with fingerpriting form to Aus federal police with return ticket. I got my PCC within two weeks.
You can d?wnload the form from Australian federal police webpage.

Hope this helps
good luck

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