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  Many working-age immigrants leave: Statistics Canada
Last Updated Wed, 01 Mar 2006 14:50:25 EST
CBC News

A substantial number of Canadian immigrants do not plan to stay here permanently, while more than a third of young male workers leave within 20 years of their arrival, according to Statistics Canada.

A federal agency study examined the behaviours of men who were 25 to 45 when they arrived in Canada starting in 1980.

Sixty percent of young working-age male immigrants left the country within the first year, while about 35 per cent of those surveyed departed within 20 years.

Immigrants´ countries of origin, their economic qualifications and the business cycle had a strong bearing on their decisions to stay or leave.

For example, highest departure rates were among the group that arrived in 1980 at the onset of a business cycle downturn, and those who arrived around the 1990 recession, the study said.

People are allowed to migrate to Canada in a number of ways.

They include through a points system, in which people are classified under the categories of business class, skilled worker class and assisted relative class, on the basis of family ties or a refugee process.

The study found higher departure rates among immigrants who were admitted in the business and skilled-worker classes, noting that the global labour market makes their mobility easier.

Refugee claimants had the lowest departure rates.

Newcomers from the United States and Hong Kong were most likely to leave Canada, with about half leaving within 10 years. Newcomers from Europe or the Caribbean, in contrast, were about half as likely to leave.

Language was also a factor. Bilingual immigrants and those fluent in French had 25 per cent shorter stays. Married immigrants stayed 25 per cent longer than single immigrants.

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Hey Sharon,

That was useful information, well I have been trying to say the same, but people get angry with me, I am a landed immigrant who came over many many years ago, may be lucky becasue I got my own business, and married to a Canadian, and leading a beautiful life compared to many other landed immigrants... But my private life in Canada should never be taken as an example for all future immigrants...

In the streets of Montreal I drive my Volvo, and live in a 5 br. house nearby a lake, .. I do employ about 40 people in my restaurant and really lead a beautiful life ( for some)... But am I really happy ? Nope guys really nope, ... This is what I tell my life, ..I miss the dust of my country, miss the air, and miss my poor people, and for sure would like to die in my beautiful country Tunisia..

Becasue of my business each day I meet many many immigrants from all over the world, but especially from Pakistan and India,.. My wife´s sister is married to an Indian doctor (and this doctor has just started to perform his job after 4 years extra courses and education at the age of 46) and we try to help many Indians and meet them and listen to their sad stories and pain in Canada ..In the light of my own experience I can say that only a very few of immigrants really get a good job and life in this country...

If those people stayed in their own countries with the education and experience I am sure they would be leading a better life and become happier...

I mean Canada is still a dream for many of you but honestly this dream is not as bright as you see from the part of the world you are living... And it will be you again who will see it and feel it and then agree with either with me or the statistics that Sharon posted above...And that could be really to late, becasue reality really bites ....and terribly at times...

I would like to wish good luck all the immigrants who intend to come over but still advising them ´ folks beleive me without coming here, you have to give a final thought of your decision, and please talk to your friends, relatives who are already living here..And also just think about the time and money you spent on this dream and say "what can I do with this money if I stay in my own country ? ´´

My words here should never make you hopeless but still if you are mature enough take me seriously, and reconsider what you are doing...

Good Luck everyone..

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Hi anonymous, i didnt realise you were from tunisia! my spouse is from tunisia too :-)
its definately good to hear your opinion of canada...
i do think that it is an interesting situation with tunisia because so many people the country, my husband is finding many of his friends are going to europe etc and i think he feels that he would like to move on with life too...

interesting questions
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hi Anonymous Tunisian ,
could you please tell more about the experience of the Indian doctor who has just started to perform his job after 4 years extra courses and education at the age of 46).
If you know could you tell me what is needed exactly for doctors to start a job please ?
thank you so much.

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Anonymous exactly, if you have already built up equity and asset in your homecountry, don´t picture too much about Canada. I don´t have high expection to my Canadian dream, I got my pay-check go home, I am happy. in future I might upgrade a little bid my own education.

Hey, I still think too many immigrants stuck at big cities, it´s about supply and demand

departure bay
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sure the canadian consecutive governments know exactly all these problems facing new immigrants yet they r silent and dont want to address it they way is should be. They just ask for new immigrants!!!! without asking why peopl are leaving a country that is being decsribed by UN as one of the best places to live in!!!!! yes one of the best if u will come to retire not to work so let wait till we retire and apply for Canada the best place on earth.
Romantic Warrior
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