Return ticket or one way ticket. Hellpppp!!!

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Subject: Return ticket or one way ticket. Hellpppp!!!
  Hi Godd Folks,
A friend of mine who completed graduate school last year in Canada and is back in his country wants to come for a six month certificate program in another school (he already has his admission documents). He has a valid study permit to the end of 2007. Is it true that since the program is just for six months if he doesn´t purchase a return air ticket (as a proof that he intends to leave the country after the six month program), he will not be allowed to enter the country or it doesn´t matter what knod of ticket he comes with.
Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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I guess so, and in most cases one way ticket is more expensive than a return ticket, so nothing to lose ... if he really wants to enter Canada he has to buy a return ticket...
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