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  we are not France. France has elected to restrict all religious reference -either in words or attire from their society. We are not Egypt- where Christians have been known to be imprisioned, we are not Communist China where religion is against the law of the state. we are also not the USA or Iran where politics and law are dictated by religious leaders. That is why Canada is regarded as on of the most inclusive and tolerant countries in the world. A Jew, Muslim, Seik, Hindu, atheist... or Christian is free to practice their religion or lack of without persecution.

we are Canada. inclusive. I am not particularly religious but I am a defender of peoples right to express their opinions - even when they are ´mythical´. When people want to start re-invention our charter of rights to suit their sensibilities - I have a problem. Where would you like to start and stop?

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sorry for the typo´s... I did not do a proof read.
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here is country of freedom, I can believe whatever I believe! If I can not tolerance this or that, just get the F out of here
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Hi all,

I always think that discussions on mainly two subjects in the world RELIGION and POLITICS will take people no where ..especially i find that discussion on RELIGIONS is a very dangerous thing... Why are you believing in God ? Isnt your belief between you and GOD ? so better shut up, keep your religions for yourself, especially if you are ruling a country keep your god for yourself ...becasue you have to show respect even to a single person in your country who believes in islam or Christianity or nothing ... This inevitablly becomes more important for politicians, they have to act as if they have no religion no belief, ...but in their private life they can do whatever they like of course...

Yes this is also a free land ( LOl I mean the place where I live and I guess canada is the same...)) and I do not belive in anything... becasue religion is a just a man made DRUG>>> the more you get the worse you become, the normal dose you take you feel ok, happy, ...and like me you never GET it and feel strong mentally, and phsicially...

Sharon thanks for all your support in the discussions by the way my child is 17.... and will be doing BA in vancouver after reaching the required level to follow her courses in English ...

Lets show respect to all believers and none believers, but if you somehow become a politician in the future you have to act as a politicians who have responsibilities for his or her people ...his responsibilities for his god is or should not his people´s concern ...

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what is going on here Sharom?
What is the meaning of the word market in your fiance native language?

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this should be an ´in Canada´ discussion and decision as to how we wish our politicians to conduct themselves. Personally, religion and reference to God is way down my list of concerns. Corruption, integrity, intelligence and skill are far bigger issues for.

If someone does not like a politicians public behaviour there is always the next election.

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I never see EU leaders speak about God blessing anything. I think they have it right. Keep that to one´s personal opinion.
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I have.
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Hi Sharon,
I always like the way you help people here and give smart useful help but when you talk about social issues such as politics or religion really you do suck I am really sorry to say that ....

And Sharon ...Nope ... you are definetely wrong when you say ´If someone does not like a politician´s public behaviour there is always the next election.´ On the contrary, if you do not like the beaviour of your politicians, you must use all your legal rights until the end, SUCH AS: using media power, talk, discuss, complain, protest, marches, are all some of the ways to change a politician or his actions .. Do you think Berlin wall destroyed by East german Politicians ? Do you think Communism in Poland was destroyed while waiting for communist politicians ? Do you think former ministers in many Europian countries have been changed as a result of the election or some protests or the use of some democratic rights ???

If we are living in a democratic country we must use our democratic powers until the end, if/when we do not like the behaviours of our governors, prime minister etc...

And politicians can be religious and can say ´ god bless bush ´ can be christian, muslim whatever DRUG they take... but when they take place in a government they have MUST BE SECULAR ... a government a democratic government should never mention the name of GOD, becasue no matter I like him or not he became the prime minister and HE MUST Leave HIS POLITICAL VIEWS AND RELIGION behind becasue now he is not the leader of a party BUT the minister or governer of the whole country... Those people in the government MUST serve not the GOD , we never elect politicians to serve GOD but to their PEOPLE...

To me those politicians who mention the name of GOD and ALLAH in their speech more and more are the ones who love to lick the ass of some Religious (Drug Takers) PEOPLE....Let me give you some of the politicians who mention the GOD and ALLAH in their speech a lot one is Bin Ladin, another one is BUSH, and Saudi Royal Family...

Now listening to John Lenon ´ Imagine there is no religion no ....´ I do wish John I really do wish ...
Cheers all

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You are more than entitled to your opinion on this subject - just as I am. It is not something we are going to agree on any time soon - and that is OK.

Probably the greatest things about Canadian democracy is that we can disagree and do it without the need for guns or jails or police.

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Can you guys please just tolerate the intolerance of some people to religious toleration because this is just totally intolerable for your guys to argue about intoleration when you guys simply cannot tolerate each other. Get it!??