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Subject: Got medical servillance
  Dear everybody,

Finally, I got the landing paper and visa. But I also got a Medical Servillance Form saying that I have a inactive TB and need to monitor my health.

They requested me to call the Health Authority within 30days after landing. Because I am currently in US and want to return to US for a year befroe moving to Canada permanently. The officer said the medical follow-up has to be done inside Canada and i can NOT do it in US. That means I have to go to Canada to have examinations and then come back.

Does anybody have any experience taht if I can do teh exams inUS and send the results to Canada after landing.

Or any advice on that??

Sharon, please help!!!!!!

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if you don´t mind telling, Were you asked to do sputum test? and how was your x-ray?

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Don´t worry Sadder...
where are you planning to land?
Most of what I heard, it only takes 30 mins to register. but all depend on where u want to register.

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Yes, the US doctor told me that these is a small spot in the lung and they did many test such as sputum,biopsy, and several X-ray exam and found nothing. The medical servillance in Ottowa also required twice X-ray results sent to them befor ethey sent teh med results to Buffalo.

My concern is I need to come back to US after landing to deal with a lot of things may need 6 months before I come to CA again.

My plan is when I land in Toronto, I will phone the local health authority but no idea when they will tell me to see the doctor, if it is less than 3 months after landing, I need to pay it myself, I think, before the medicare care takes effect. I don not mind going to CA anytime to take the exam because they said I can not take the follow up exam in US and send teh results to CA.

SO far, I do not know what they want to do yet. The problem is not only register, but the appointment, does anybody know how often they will require me to see a doctor?

Many thanks,

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You have to contact public health authorities and talk to them honestly, they will take note of your arrival and will tell you to contact them back again once you are really settled, you must do all medical surveillance tests and follow up once you arrive to stay.
Hope it helps.

C janete
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