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Subject: US visitor visa from Toronto
Has anyone applied for US visitor visa from the toronto US consulate?
Please share your experience. What is the chance of getting a visa if
I am an International student and citizen of a muslim country. I have had US visitor visa and travelled several times to the states.

Peter Griffin
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Hi there: I got my US visa from Toronto and it was a fairly straight-forward process. Take all your docs with you especially your study permit and passport. I mentioned in my application that I needed a visa incase I was called for an interview for my Canadian PR. If you´re approved, they´ll send you upstairs to pay the fee(take exact change or use a credit card. They dont accept debit). You can go and pick it up the next day.

Any other questions. Feel free to ask.

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Bring your resume to the interview just in case. They may ask for a copy.

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