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Subject: spousal form application
good day to everyone. how true is it that in filling up the spousal application form, it should be computerized and not handwritten? because a consultant here in our area said that cic will return application forms that were answered by handwriting and not computerized.

pls. enlighten.

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You are able to do it both typed and handwritten why else would CIC send out forms in a hard copy! If you hand write just make sure you use a black pen and use neat block writing. For my family class I just typed it in on the computer and saved it - that way any mistakes etc or change I decided to put in later could be rectified easily later. I find typing less time consuming too especially when having to describe the relationship etc on separate pages but thats just my personal preference - just as long as everything is filled in neat will all supporting documentation it does not matter either typed or handwritten.
now me
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ok thanks!=)
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You should report the consultant for giving unprofessional advice and for using misconstrued policies in order to solicit business.

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