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  i live here in the phils and am a citizen of canada as well. im about to sponsor my wife but ill be going ahead to get a JOB. in the application forms that i need to fill out, " SPONSORS NOT RESIDING IN CANADA MUST PROVIDE EVIDENCE THAT THEY RESIDE EXCLUSIVELY OUTSIDE CANADA ON THE DATE OF GIVING THE UNDERTAKING AND WILL RESIDE IN CANADA AT THE TIME THEIR SPONSORED SPOUSE, BECOME PR OF CANADA. proofs such as- letter from an employer; letter of acceptance to a candaian educ institution; bought a dwelling in canada; reasonable plans for re-establishing in canada.

i currently don;t have a job and that is why i will go to canada ahead of them to look for one. we want to send the papers by end of the month so that its up and running for approval already. HOW DO I GO ABOUT THIS QUESTION?


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well, you can send the application as is and then send additional proof after once you have a job and rent/lease to show cic. This will delay the process (max 4 months delay but could be less)

you can wait a month or so to send in your application and once you have a job letter to show that you are currently working in canada, you can send in the application altogether thus avoiding any delays on cic´s part.

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what if i dont go to canada first and stay here in the phils, then i really will not be able to secure this particular requirement of cic. what do sponsors in my case do? do they really go to canada first to either secure a property or get a job first?
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do you know anyone in canada ? if you have family there, you can ask them to write a letter and provide a lease agreement for you showing that you will live there
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yes i do. my sister and mother live there. meanwhile, can i answer that question with what my plans are so that i can submit the papers already or will it be more wise to wait a month till i get there and secure any job so that i can indicate it in the application.

i really appreciate your answers

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