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Subject: Taxes for new immigrant
  I became a landed immigrant of Canada in 2005. I ´landed´ from U.S and
after completing the paperwork returned to U.S the next day.
1. Do I have to file taxes in Canada for 2005?

I would be permanently moving to Canada in May 2006 now. For the year
2. Would I be considered a "resident" for all of 2006 and taxed as a
Canadian resident on my U.S income till May? Or would I be considered a
"non-resident" till May and not taxed on my U.S income till May?

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No, you do not have to file taxes in Canada for 2005 has you have not met the half-year residency rule for Canadian income taxation.

When you arrive in May you will be living here for more than half the year and will be required to pay taxes on your world-wide income, meaning any income you earned in the US from Jan-May 2006 plus any income you earned from May-December in Canada. You will get an off setting tax break from the taxes that you paid on your income in the US. When that time comes you will need to speak with a tax accountant.

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