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Subject: "List of Goods"
  Hi everyone,

I need some help doing the list of Goods that I am taking to Canada.
I am in USA. First of all, a moving company is gonna take care of the moving process. Do I have to land with the truck that is taking
the Goods? Second, how detailed has to be the list ? I mean, Do I have to put how many dishes, glasses,pots, and so on am I taking or
just writing "two boxes of dishware(or kitchen stuff)" is ok?.
Third, I´m still paying my car, can I import it anyway or do I have
to put it in the Goods to follow until it´s fully payed ?.

Hope somebody can help me.


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1. If the goods in the truck are in your goods to follow list then you don´t have to land with the truck.

2. Details: I have read varied landing experiences about this. Some officers actually asked how many pieces of shoes etc., but some did not even bother. If it will not be too much of a work, write down a little bit details to be safe.

3. If your car is not yet fully paid, you have to have a letter from your bank or financing company that they allow you to export the car permanently. Also, you need to have a notarized copy of the title.

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Thank you Joe05 for your reply. Very kind of you. your information really clear things up.
OOPS !!! I meant fully PAID. Excuse my spelling.

Thanks again.

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