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Subject: Interview in L..A
  Has anyone recently faced the interview in L.A ? Please update us with your experience.I was sent medicals papers and the instructions were once you get your interview date then do your medicals .My interview is on 10th May 2006 and i did my medicals on 12th jan 2006.Is there any one been through the same process .
Time line
AOR June 2004
IA Jan 2005 Interview reqd. (Medical Papers recieved)
File trans April 2005
Interview date Dec 2005
Medical Jan 12th 2006
FBI sent JAn12th Recieved 20th Feb 2006
E client shows Interview on 10th May 2006

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Hi Kash
My time line is very similar:

Applied Jan 2004 (live in the US, H1B visa, US graduate)
IA Oct. 2004 (Interview required)
File transferred to LA for interview Feb. 2005
Received interview date from LA ? Oct. 2005 (Interview: May 2006)
Medical done: Jan 2006

1. I?ve sent FBI fingerprint report with my application package, about 2and half years back. Do I need a new FBI report?

2. Feb 06 I?ve sent my fingerprint (again) to FBI, but I didn?t mention any dead line;
How can I expedite FBI fingerprint report ? ? is there any Tel. number that I can call ?

3. Can I fly back very same day?
? For example, if my interview is scheduled at 8:30 AM, is it OK if I buy the return flight ticket same day late evening (7:00 PM) ? ?

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Yes you need a new one .
FBI tel#304-625-2000 They will let u know the when to expect the report.
Yes you can fly the same day it will take a couple of hours.that is the information i got from forum.
Did they ask you for IELTS or you send them a letter proving your English skills.What is your date of interview MAy 2006 ??? Please respond asap

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Interview date : May 2nd

No, I didn?t take IELTS.
I?ve finished my MS from US, just sent evidence in writing of proficiency in English Language

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Do you have any idea why we are called for interview? Please give me the details once you are done with your interview

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no idea why we are called ? but I´ve ordered CAIPS, will let you know the details
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