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Subject: Mariage/study question and help
  Hi, my name is Cindy and I live in Argentina since I the age of 2. Fortunately for me, i was born in Toronto and have kept my passport up to date ever since. I´ve never traveled back to my home country but I´m planning on doing so shortly because my boyfriend (and future husband) was accepted to a US college. I have several questions regarding my best plan of action.

1) If I would be living in the US with my husband while he study, can he apply for a Canadian citizenship so when he is finished we can move there?

2) Since me plan to get married in a couple of month I was wondering if it is not better to register have a civil marriage in Canada instead of Argentina. Or there isn´t any difference?

3) How hard it is to get a job in the US if you are a Canadian citizen?. I know little about this issue and I´m scared since I´m a lawyer here which is a not very "exportable" profession. I was wondering if my qualifications are good, will I be able to work as a assistant, or maybe even a waitress in case of need and to improve my english (my boyfriend is writing for me). Maybe applying for an F2 US Visa is better


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I can´t answer all your questions and your last question would be better posted on a website for US immigration.

1) You will have to apply for a PR status for your husband not Citizenship, but as you have not lived in Canada since you were 2yrs old you will have to prove to CIC that you intend to live in Canada permanently after your husband receives his PR status. The process usually takes less than 1yr so be sure you are ready to move to Canada permanent w/i a year before you apply. Although your husband can be outside the country 3 years out of 5. You can get further information on this at a later date.

2) There is no difference in where you marry just as long as your marriage is legal in Argentina and Canada. You can even get married in the US.

3) For this question I think it´s more your experience and the language that your speak that will make it easy or difficult. Spanish is spoken by a majority of Americans and for that reason it might be easier for you to get a job in the US than someone moving to the US from Canada who does not speak Spanish.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply.

I was wondering, will my husbnad be able to work in Canada while holding a PR status?

As you say my next question is probably more pertinent to a US immigration forum, but do you know is Canadians can get a job in the US easly (putting qualifications aside) with a TN visa?

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