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Subject: reading tea leaves

This is my time line (sw Buffalo) in Canada applicant
AOR Feb. 2005
IA Nov. 2005
Meds and Docs. Jan 2006.

I sent an e-mail to Buffalo...cryptic one-line reply:
Your file is being reviewed by the officer.

Thank you,

so, what is this person called "immigration" telling me,
or is this a generic brush off...

Read the tea leaves, if you can.


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It´s not cryptic. It means exactly what it says. Your file is being reviewed by the officer.
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Yes they would brush you off specially if you inquire during your background checks, I think it looks bad during this time and they would probably check you more which takes more time, so don´t bother them unless it has been a really long time. 2 months after your med is still normal.
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