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Subject: Permanent resident abroad
  Hello. I was wondering if anyone here has applied for the ´permanent resident abroad´ card (in India especially). Is the process very simple and risk-free?

Basically, I have to land by a certain date and don´t want to hang around there for three weeks doing nothing, while they process it. I don´t know anyone in Canada and don´t want to risk having it mailed anyway. I´d appreciate any experiences.



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You can land and leave before the card arrives, however you will need to get a visa to return to Canada. CIC will NOT mail the card to you outside Canada.
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Hello sir,

I´m looking for an Permanent Residence and also completed my post graduation in Human Resource Management and graduation in Science and Education. Looking for job in your esteemed country so that i can earn and live.

Bonny Benhur
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currently,Canada is not accepting applications for Skilled Worker immigration. There will be new rules coming out in January. Nobody knows what the rules will include.

However, until then, start having a look what sort of jobs might be around in your field to determine if it is worth your while. There is a very good chance that you would be working at something other than your expertise - would that be acceptable?

Adaptation is very hard.

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