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Subject: medical rejections
  Hello everyone.

First my timeline.
Applied April 2004
Medicals completed first time May 2004.
Still in process as of today.
No interview requested.
All fees paid.
FBI complete, as well as police report
and a thousand pictures later.
Medicals sent for second time Feb 2006 as the first ones were too old.

We just need someone to tell us that this will soon be over. Is there anything that would cause the medicals to be rejected. How long will this take I don´t know your shortforms, so I can´t explain things better.

Does anyone else feel like they´re in a black hole?

waiting and waiting

waiting and waiting
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Obviously, your background check is still pending...
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Anything could cause medicals to be rejected...are yopu healthy?? if so, then you will be OK
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Thanks for your replies. The background checks have all come back clean and I am very healthy.

I have had direct access to my information until the medicals went to Ottawa.
After waiting for 1 1/2 years in process, I just need to know what the wait times in Ottawa are. How much longer do i have to wait???

waiting and waiting

waiting and waiting
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I think as a matter of courtesy your designated medical practitioner would inform you if anything adverse was to present in your medical exam - trynot to worry too much sometimes from what I gather CIC takes this long
Hang on in there!!

now me
thank you for your words (in reply to: medical rejections)
Thank you "now me". I like your nickname. You are being very kind. I guess I wish that we could just talk to someone face to face vs. this faxing/emailing into black holes. Once i sent a fax, and they replied to it, 2 months later. I don´t want to be a pest but since i know that everything else is fine, I guess, i just want to get this part of my life over and start living again.

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. It´s people like you who help people like me make it through.

waiting and waiting

waiting and waiting
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