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Subject: landing concern
  Hi, all -

After I land in Canada, if I stay a few weeks and leave the country, will my passport be marked?

If I fail to live 6 months within the first year after I land, will they void my PR status?

I have above concern because I just got a job offer while I got the landing notice...

Please offer some honest suggesions... Thanks.

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Your passport will not be marked in Canada but it may in counrty where you are coming back.

PR Status would be void if do not stay in canada for 2 years in 5 years after getting the PR status.

So if you became PR on 01-01-2006 then by 31-12-2011 you must live in Canada for 2 years.

where you got job offer in Canada ?

if you have any other Q?s let me know.

I landed in Nov 2005 and after a week came back to US.

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Thanks, Tom.
My job offer is from China. Yes, everytime, I enter China, my passport will be marked that date of entry. How about you when you enter the US?

My wife is a nursing student in the US. She won´t graduate until end of 2008.

We don´t want to give up the job and her nursing program. What can we do?

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