Anyone get HRDSC confirmation?

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Subject: Anyone get HRDSC confirmation?

Hi everyone,
Has anyone on this forum gotten HRDSC confirmation? If you did, how easy was it for you to get? Did your have your company get it for you? What did they write on your application? Any help would be great.


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I got mine last year. It took about 2 months. We had to work around the requirement to prove efforts to find a local individual for my position because I had already been working for the company. The company basically included a cover letter explaining the situation and stating why they wanted me to stay with them. You also want to make sure that the salary the company they will be paying you matches what is earned on average by others in your profession.
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I got mine 2 weeks ago, within a month. I was already working for the company on a post-grad work permit, the company has to apply for you. here is what I included in the application:
1. HRDC Application
2. Contract Letter
3. Attachment to contract letter - indeterminate employment offer (based on end of work permit)
4. Letter from HR describing hiring process for my position
5. Supporting documents from HR showing they´ve interviewed Canadians for that position
- job posting
- Career fair brochures
6. Letter from HR describing why I was selected for the position (emphasize on skills that are required in the job)

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Thanks Max and me. I´m on post-graduate work permit right now and I know that my position is pretty much permanent if I get my PR. The only reason I asked my HR person to write me a contract for 2 years is because I figured I´ll get my PR before my visa ends. Plus, I don´t wanna bother my HR person for all these letter. I guess I´ll wait closer to the end of my work visa to see if I need to get HRDC confirmation or not. Anyhow, thanks for the help.
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Hi Joy, I am actually in the same shoes as you are. I am waiting for my PR, but since it is taking so long I wonder whether my company should apply for HRDC for me. They are not to keen since it is a very complicated process. I just hope my PR comes soon. What is your PR timeline?
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Joy & worker - can you provide your timelines?

I´m also in the same situation - except I haven´t applied yet but I will be within the next month.

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My timeline is as follows:

Applied Mar 2005
AOR Mar 29, 2005
IELTS request Aug 2005
File transfer Feb 8, 2006
File processed Feb 28, 2006 (Detroit told me by email response)
Now waiting to get my IA in the mail.
My post-graduate work permit is valid until Feb 2007.

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My name is Myoung Ju, who is an experienced art therapist from South Korea and I just got a post-master´s degree in clinical art therapy at the B.C School of Art Therapy in Canada.

Since my school isn´t funded by the government, I am not qualified to work on a graduate work permit.

I am planning to stay in Canada on a permanent basis, but taking the first step which is getting a job doesn´t look that hopeful to me.

To work in Canada as a foreign worker, a work permit is required as we all know it. However, to get a work permit, there should be a job offered first. It´s like catch 22 situation!

Even if the canadian employer wants to hire me, in the end they decline to go through a hassle of getting a labor market opinion from HRDSC.

It looks so unfair to me...

Myoung Ju, Jung
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I do believe it´s easier to get a permit if you are already in Canada and working.

I came into canada on a working holiday visa. Changed the conditions of my visa so I could work in the health/education industry, then got a job in my field and my employer helped me get a work permit after my working holiday visa had expired.

So it´s not neccesarily a catch 22 situation. Good luck!

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Cecile, i´m in that exact situation. I´m here on a working holiday visa from the UK. I have just gotten a job in Calgary in a shop. There is a massive labour shortage here, and i´m just wondering is the application to HRDSC a complicated one? I´m hoping my employer won´t fire me if he realises it´s too much of a pain to do. I am living and working in Canada right now, so does that make it easier?

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