Study permit refused, replying, need guidance

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Subject: Study permit refused, replying, need guidance
  I sent an email on my study permit refusal,and got email from Abu dhabi Embassy that if I feel decision is not correct then I may
re apply again and this time another officer will assess my application.

I belive they havn´t read my property papers which is back Home in India.and my annual income and my bank statements.

but except that i have no other information as they ask me if you some other information add this to your New application.
Please suggest me what i do should i re aply?
of if any one have suggestions please giude me what kind of further proofs I provide them.

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well maybe that´s also the problem, probably they think you´re just too rich to be a student. If you are just a student and worked for a limited time, where the hell did you get all that money, something like that... who do you think did the 9/11 thing, rich students who lived for a long time in north america, and you´re applying in a Muslim country so that makes your background check definitely tripled.

They may also have too many family class and SW class applicants within UAE that they don´t have time to verify all a student applications´ stated assets which is not in their area of jurisdiction in the first place. Obviously what they would do is tell you to apply in the India Office, since IF they accept your student application, they would probably send it also to the New Delhi office anyways. So why dont you just apply in India?

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you are correct boloxis, they have assessed my application with in 2 hours, I was wondering how they managed to read all documents I have given them.

Iam a professional getting a v nice package and all the property gifted to me is by my father.I belive they even not tried to look upon the documents. I have given them all detail salary transfers my salary ssavings .well all was the matter of bad luck. :(

Study permit refused (in reply to: Study permit refused, replying, need guidance)
Hi, I applied for a Canadian Study Permit in Lagos Nigeria and was refused based on
1. not coming back after completing my programme
2. Expired Cds.
Please what does CDs mean.
Can i reapply, my programme starts in Sept 2010.
What do i do?????

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