USA Travel Visa, Please Help !!

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Subject: USA Travel Visa, Please Help !!
  Hi All

I have fixed an appointment with US consulate for travel visa, I have no good reason to travel, other than possible chances in future for PR interview,

So what you guys think, what reason i can give for visa, also how much of bank statement these guys are asking for.

My time line

Applied Nov 05
AOR Dec 05, Expecting IA in Oct-Nov 06

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The reason I gave was that I might have a possible interview in the US for my Canadian PR. That worked fine. They didn´t even look at my bank balance or anything.
USA travel VISA - Is true? (in reply to: USA Travel Visa, Please Help !!)
My employer told me that as Canadian Permanent Resident, I can apply for 10 years travel visa, like laser visa for mexican. Is that true?


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