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Subject: New Application
  Hi folks,

New to this forum .. It sure has some very useful information.

I´ve been working on preparing my application and had a couple of questions -

1. Me being the principal applicant and having given IELTS, does my wife need to give IELTS as well.. Does it matter ? Is there any advantage ?

2. How tough is it to get an offer letter from a Canadian employer for a regular software professional with good US experience. Is it a tough investment/ process for the employer like an H1B visa or is it something that is manageable fairly quickly once selected.

Thanks in advance.

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1. Not too sure but I don´t think your wife needs to take the IELTS as well. But stick around and see what others have to say.

2. It´s tough. You could try your luck but don´t bank on the option.

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1. Your wife does not need IELTS or proof of funds but education transcripts and diplomas will help you a lot, max of 5 additional points. You can send your wife´s work experience letters too if it is in Canada, another 5 points I think. If it is not in Canada, it can have no bearing but will look good on your application, same goes for IELTS if she can get a high band score.

2. It entirely depends in your work experience and previous company.

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Hi Folks,I have been asked to provide IELTS score by aug ´07,I want to know if my wife can appear for the same and if she can get a good score will that add any points.
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