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Subject: Is this ok
  I am an India citizen applied in Buffalo , AOR march 05, file transferred to New York Feb . 06 .IA March 06. They are now requesting only FBI, proof of funds and medicals ;but for most of the indians they do request police clearance from home country,why not for me , should I still do it or I am fine without it .. please advise


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If you living in US, then U have to buddy!!! They are concerned about your stay in USA. So go ahead and submit it w/o any fail!!


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I see that we have two categories in skilled worked category. Federal and Quebec. what is urs and what are the differences and what are its adv and dis-adv? Can some one explain me this? Thanks in advance
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Well, I am federal category. I am in US for the last 5 years, the thing is
they did not ask me for police clearnce from India in the additional documents requested;the only thing they asked for was FBI; I am doing FBI anyway, and not the police clearance from India.

Sandeep, if I still want get the police clearance from India, could you help me with the procedure
for the same.


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