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Subject: Immigrating/ Moving with Teenagers
Has anyone immigrated to Canada, or know someone who has, with teeage children? What were you/their experiences?
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Hi Antonie,

What I have heard from some friends is that kids in Canada at the beginning have some difficulties but in a very short time they can easily adapt themselves into their new community and can learn the language and social life much much better than adults and enjoy the life in Canada, hovewer, we should bear in mind that their happiness relies on our financial situation and the things we can offer them in canada. Therefore, consider the job opportunities you might have canada and the income you may have for your family, then consider immigration ... This is also a fact that many people move to canada as if Canada is offering them a very bright life with high income, and great opportunities, reality many immigrants in canada have not got what they had expected before coming to the country...

I would higly recommend you to check some articles related to the immigrants´ life in canada even some statistics about their happiness etc.. then decide to come over... Of course, Canada has many good opportunities compared with those undeveleoped countries, but I guess we are at times exaggarating this...

Good Luck to you and wishing happiness for your kids wherever you are..


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I moved to Canada when I was just legal age to drink, yep, I feel it´s very easy to get use to life here. Employers love to hire new blood.
Beside, young folks like us have no achievment back in my home country, therefore we can work as hard as possible and no complain at all, not like Dr.Taxi.

Tell your kids to make money by himself. Young folks work at superstore as young as 16!!!! Cutting meat!
If he is independence and need go to college, then just kick him/her out of your nest. You know? go and take student loan, if you broke it´s your own problem!!

Life has already been very tough for new immigrants, do not seek chance to let kids spoiled!!!

departure bay
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Well Sharon you are going Anonymous and still cusing up a storm in your other posts...dual personalities....get a life and get off!
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It is always difficult with kids, they do settle well depending on how old they are, I´d say between 12-15 they would adapt very quickly - any older and I think they are too set in their ways at home, unless they are as excited as you to move, then your laughing, good luck to you all.

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